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Frequently Asked Questions


How will I benefit from massage?

Massage will relieve painful muscle tension,increase circulation and reduce mental and physical fatigue. Massage is one of the most effective methods to combat stress. Just ask anyone who has recently had a massage from a qualified therapist. 

Just what is a massage therapist? 

A legitimate massage therapist has completed many hours of massage education involving various therapy techniques and has extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. On your first visit it is a good idea to ask to see your therapists credentials such as diplomas and certifications. 

Are massage therapists licensed?

A growing number of states do license massage therapists. As of the year 2000, officials have began issuing licenses in North Carolina. Up until recently, licenses from other states were not recognized here. In recent years most states that license are using the National Certification Exam for their licensing criteria. It is the only standardized competency test that is recognized throughout the country and will be identified by the initials NCTMB. John has been issued a North Carolina license #00363. and Karen has been issued license #00977. 

What is the first appointment like?

Your therapist will have you fill out a brief medical form since there are some conditions that are contraindicative for massage. The massage room will be warm and private with soothing music at a low volume. At Tranquility, you will be covered with a thick sheet and even a blanket if necessary during the massage. Some people undress completely and others choose to wear underwear. You will relax on a padded table. Your therapist will begin with relatively light pressure to calm surface tension and to apply massage oil. Gradually, the therapist will work more deeply.

What should I do during a massage?

For a relaxation massage it is best for the client to just close your eyes and relax. Good deep breathing will help you relax and bring much needed oxygen to the muscles being worked. You will find that you come out with a much better massage if there is not a running conversation going on. However, if at any time you are feeling pain or discomfort be sure to let the therapist know. They will then make adjustments in pressure and technique. For deep tisue work or other work on problem areas your therapist will require feedback as to just what you are feeling. Sometimes the very slightest movement or angle change will access a painful trigger point that would otherwise be missed. 



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